Airskirts: The Best RV Skirting on the Market?


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Airskirts are the latest invention in the RV skirting world. The company debuted their one-of-a-kind inflatable skirting in 2020. They have a reputation for being durable, effective, and expensive. But are they worth it?

We looked into this unique RV skirting solution and asked RV owners to weigh in and share their experiences with the product.

What are Airskirts?

Airskirts are a non-invasive RV skirting solution that inflates under your RV and is held in place by pressure. This means no drilling holes into your RV or messing with residue-leaving adhesives.

These inflatable tubes are made of heavy-duty, puncture-resistant vinyl that take the shape of your trailer as they are inflated. You inflate the skirting with electrical pumps and the product will conform around the space under your RV, protecting pipes and trapping heat.

If you’ve looked at other RV skirting solutions, they all require labor-intensive setups, power tools, and do not move easily.

Airskirts are the only RV skirting solution that lends itself to travelers. Vinyl and foam board skirting will not travel well (foam board in particular likely can’t be moved at all without being damaged). But Airskirts are simple to set up and durable. Since there is no snapping or drilling into the RV, it’s safe to be moved wherever your travels take you.

Already thinking about all the ways it might pop? This is the same type of material you might see on Zodiak boats and won’t be easily punctured by pets or the undercarriage of your RV.

Why RV Skirting Is Important

Freezing temperatures wreak havoc on RV plumbing systems. It only takes one freeze to crack and bust your pipes. If you’re camping in freezing temps during the winter, you must take certain steps to protect your RV systems.

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RV Skirting is one of the most effective ways to protect your RV pipes. It insulates your camper from the cold by blocking out cold air and trapping warm air under your RV. The trapped warm air protects your pipes from freezing and keeps your RV floors warmer inside.

This can save you money on propane and heating costs and make your RV more comfortable.

Traditionally, skirting is seen at RV parks where people live permanently in their RVs. But Airskirts is the first of its kind to allow travelers to enjoy cold weather adventures without stress.

Do Airskirts Really Work?

When it comes to RV skirting, anything that blocks airflow can be highly effective. Set up properly, Airskirts will fair just as well as vinyl or foam board skirting.

The reviews from owners are outstanding.

“AirSkirts are hands down the absolute BEST option for RV skirting…AirSkirts are so versatile and easy, and with an exceptional warranty and customer service, it’s a no-brainer choice!” -Kristin

“We have a set of air skirts for our 30 ft. Airstream. They are neither difficult to set up or to take down for storage…We have had our set for two years.”Tom

The Highlights: Why choose Airskirts?

  • No installation. Since everything inflates under the RV, you don’t need to drill any holes. Just use the air pump.
  • Easy setup. You can set up your Airskirt system in under 30 minutes. Perfect for winter campers!
  • Simple storage. The inflatable tubes will fold up flat and come with a carry case.
  • Neutral design. Many campgrounds don’t allow certain types of skirting because it’s visually unappealing. (This is management code for it looks trashy.) Airskirts are a neutral grey color and should be allowed at any RV park.
  • Durability. Airskirts will last for years. In our experience, many other RV skirting options only last for a season.

If you’re planning to travel in your RV in the winter, the insulation and simple setup make Airskirts the obvious best choice for skirting.

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Buying An Airskirt: Will it fit my RV?

When shopping for an Airskirt, you can find the right skirt for your RV in one of two ways.

First, you can use the drop-down menu to find your manufacturer. Almost every major manufacturer is listed, so you can select Tiffin, Winnebago, Forest River, and so on from the list and find the right kit for your RV.

Or you can go to their product page and input your RV type and approximate length. The page will then automatically update to show which kit will work best for you.

Unlike other skirting options which require measuring every nook and cranny around your RV, you don’t need to laboriously record measurements to find the right Airskirt.

“You take a few measurements when you place an order, and that’s it! No tools, hardware, or days-long projects required. Your custom kit tells you exactly where to place each tube, and then all you have to do is inflate (the compressor comes with the kit too),” says Airskirts owner Kristin Wilson.

In addition to your RV’s length, you’ll need to measure your ground clearance. Kits come in different heights to accommodate how high off the ground your RV might sit.

What If I Sell My RV? What If It Doesn’t Fit?

With a high price tag, it’s smart to think about how long you might keep and use your Airskirt. RVer Kristin Wilson weighed in on her experience.

“I originally ordered an AirSkirts kit for my 30’ Class C, but with a few adjustments on placement, that same kit works on my newer 38’ Class A!”

Photo Credit: Kristin Wilson

Since kits can be adapted and rearranged to fit under different RVs, Airskirts can be kept even if you replace your RV.

If you purchase a kit that doesn’t fit, Airskirts customer service team can help. Every owner we talked to said that Airskirts support was fast and helpful! You can return your skirt within 30 days—no questions asked—and the company offers a five-year warranty on the product.

What’s Included?

When you buy a kit, it will include the inflatable skirting tubes to fit your RV and an 800W AC air pump to inflate them. The kit will also include a carrying bag for easy storage and a welcome packet with instructions. This will also include sharp edge protectors so you can cover any sharp corners you spot around or under your RV as well as a patch kit in case of a leak.

Airskirts Pricing

Pricing for Airskirts depends on the size of the kit you purchase. For your smallest RV, skirts start at $1,899. For a 45′ high clearance RV (the largest possible camper size), kits are $3,199.

You can also buy individual components and add-ons, like replacement pumps, tire covers, and skylight insulators.

All pricing information on kits as well as links to other available components is available here.

Installing An Airskirt

Just how easy is it to set up your Airskirt? Check out this video showing the process.

“Uninstalling is that easy too,” adds owner Kristin. All you need to do is deflate and store your tubes.

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Are Airskirts Only for Winter?

RV skirting is primarily used for winter but can be effective in the summer at blocking heat.

“In the high desert of Utah, RV skirting is an insulating necessity,” Kristin said. “My [Airskirt] keeps things about 5 degrees cooler in the summer, and I can walk on the floors barefoot in the winter without feeling like my toes are going to fall off!”

Are Airskirts Worth It?

For most RV products—especially expensive ones—you hear mixed reviews on if it’s worth it. But we’ve heard nothing but praise for Airskirts. The product quality is top notch and Airskirts customer service team has a glowing reputation, making it an even more attractive option.

When it comes to RV skirting, we’ve tested multiple options. For travelers, we keep coming back to the Airskirt as the best and only way to skirt your RV. It’s durability and easy setup is unparalleled.

You can shop Airskirts and find a kit to match your RV here.

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