Campers & Motorhomes All Decked Out for Christmas

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If you love decorating for the holidays, you can still go all out with your decor, even while living tiny!

Lighted Greenery Around a Window

Since this motorhome already features unique decor, a bit of lighted greenery was all it needed to add a Christmassy touch.  Follow the owners and see more photos of their renovated 1989 Holiday Rambler here:

Photo by Leah & Brennan of @The_Ramblr_RV

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Decorating with Fresh Evergreen

Fresh evergreen branches can be tucked in various nooks and crannies to make a room feel festive, and the good thing about using real greenery is that you don't have to find a place to store it!  Pro tip: A Christmas tree lot (or the garden section at Lowe's or Home Depot in December) may let you take home Christmas tree trimmings for free. Follow for a visual tour of this beautiful renovated camper (that copper farmhouse sink!).

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Vintage Farmhouse Christmas Decor

This camper is home to a family of four as they build their new home.  You can see more pictures of it and follow their home build at

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Pencil Tree and Evergreen Swag

The pups in this fifth wheel seem to love their beautiful home!  Follow their owners at

Photo by Kirs & Deven of @fith_wheel_living

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Real Christmas Tree in a Motorhome

Katie and Eric of always decorate their renovated Tiffin Allegro motorhome so beautifully for Christmas.  Here's a photo of it from 2016:

Photo by Katie Nathey of

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Katie goes into great detail about how she decorated her motorhome for Christmas over on her blog.

Full Sized, Real Tree with Family Ornaments

It's hard to believe this is actually an RV!  The owner has certainly done a good job of turning it into a home for her family of 6.  See more pictures of this fifth wheel at

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Decorating with Nature

The owners of this RV chose to keep their decor natural, using only greenery, pinecones, and lights for their winter decor. This renovated toy hauler is home to a growing family; follow their Bohemian adventures at

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Butcher Paper Wall Decor

A small camper might almost be more fun to decorate for Christmas – how brilliant is that butcher paper wall decor!  Follow the travels of the Aussie family who owns this camper at


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A post shared by Caravan Renovation • Family (@bujaandmae)

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Decorating to Match Your Personal Style

RV owners Kevin & Mandy have bought a new RV since this photo was taken, but I still love looking at their colorful Bohemian camper decor from time to time.  I love that their Christmas decor reflects their personal style, with handmade garlands and a tree in a basket adorned with only white lights and a scarf.

Photo by Keven & Mandy of @188sqft

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Retro Style Multi-Color Christmas Lights

Colored lights are a fun and easy way to add Christmas cheer to an RV of any size.  Follow the renovation of this RV at

Photo by Maria Fuller

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Minimalist Winter Decor

The holiday touches added by interior decorator Tracy fit in perfectly with her already-beautiful camper decor.  See more pictures of her design talent and follow her camper renovation at


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A post shared by Tracy (@housemadelovely)

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Honoring Christmas Traditions

The Christmas decor in this minimalistic fifth wheel is subtle: a picture on the wall, an ornament, some berries and greenery in a vase, a teensy tree, and an Advent calendar.  It just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot of money or take up a lot of space to add a touch of holiday cheer to your home.  See more pictures of this RV at

Photo by Renee of @therossesroam

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Garland Along the Top of a Slide Out

The top of an RV slide out is just begging to be decorated!  See more pictures of this beautiful RV renovation here:

Photo by Rachel of @reedsindeed

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Glamorous Christmas Decor

With this a gorgeous garland like this, you'd never miss not having a tree.  Follow the family who calls this camper home at


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A post shared by Kali • Diy + Disney (@kalicreatesit)

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RV Bedroom Decorated for Christmas

If you don't have room for a tree in your RV, you can still “deck the halls” with lights and greenery in other rooms, like the bedroom.  More pictures of this beautifully renovated motorhome can be found at

  • Faux cedar garland
  • White Christmas lights
  • Ornaments hanging in window
  • Star made of sticks

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

I love the simplicity of the decor in this renovated 1976 Airstream.  Check out the beautiful Instagram feed of the graphic designer who calls it home at

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Christmas Decor to Match a Neutral Color Palette

I love how the beige and white throw pillows on this comfy couch are definitely Christmassy yet sill fit with the color scheme of the rest of the RV's decor.  This Keystone Montana fifth wheel is home to a family of 4; see more pictures here:

Photo by April of @twinning_in_our_home

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Cozy Winter Decor with Flocked Greenery

I'd be happy to spend Christmas in this little glamper.  Follow the RV renovator who created this cozy space at

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Get in the Christmas spirit as you look at these beautifully renovated and decorated RVs! |
Get in the Christmas spirit as you look at these beautifully renovated and decorated RVs! |

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