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This page contains affiliate links, meaning I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase a product or service after clicking a link on my website.

For information about free & discount camping, cost of RV expenses, tips to save money while RVing, and financial planning for full time RVing, check out my RV Finance & Budgeting Resource Page.

Check out The Mobile Internet Resource Center for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about RV Internet options.

Article from RV Inspiration: Everything That’s Gone Wrong With Our RV

DIY Maintenance & Repair Resources:

RV Education 101 - Comprehensive course about operating and maintaining an RV.

RV Repair Club - Library of video tutorials about RV maintenance and repairs.

The RV Repair Manual - Website with lots of articles about RV maintenance.

Fix It Yourself  - Online course that teaches you how to do basic maintenance and repairs.

Smartphone Apps:

OBD Fusion - engine diagnostic app

RV Pocket Reference - iPhone app

RV Checklist app (in the Apple app store and on Google Play)


Facebook groups for asking other RVers for advice:

DIY RV Maintenance & Repair

RV Tips

RV Newbies

RV Tips & Helpful Hints

Insuring Your RV

Your auto insurance company may offer RV insurance, but I recommend filling out an application at American RV Insurance.  This company will help you compare rates and find the best policy for your unique situation (including full-time RVing), and if you move, you can simply call them and they'll find you a new policy without you having to go through the process of shopping for insurance all over again.

Another helpful resource for shopping for RV insurance is this comparison guide: Best RV Insurance Based On In-Depth Reviews

RV Warranties

Even if your RV's factory warranty has expired, you may still be able to qualify for an after-market warranty.

We have the Good Sam Extended Service Plan, which we inherited from our RV's former owners.  It has been a life-saver for us several times and has covered nearly everything we've had repaired, which you can read more about in my blog post, "Everything That's Gone Wrong with Our RV".

Another great place to find an RV warranty is Wholesale Warranties.  This company shops and compares RV warranties for you to help you find the one that will provide you with the coverage you need at the best price.

Blogs & Websites:


Rolling in an RV - Wheelchair Traveling

RV Camping with Special Needs

Handicapped Travel Club

Facebook Group: Camping with Disabilities or Chronic Illness

Accessible RVs:

Resources for RVers with Disabilities - List of RV manufacturers that make RVs with enhanced accessibility + companies that will retrofit RVs to make them accessible.

Our Wheel World - Instagram account; click "Glamper Reno" at the top of the page to see how this couple renovated their RV to make it wheelchair-friendly (viewable on a laptop if you don't have an Instagram account)

RV Cookbooks:

RV & Small Kitchen Holiday Cookbook (Free!)

RV Recipe Websites:

The RV Cooking Show

The RV Gourmet

Camp and RV Cook

My Minnie Life

Other RV Cooking Resources:

Small Kitchen Cooking by Chickery's Travels

Click here to visit my "RVing with pets" resource page!

Click here to go to the main RV Resource Page

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