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10 Beautiful RV Bedroom Ideas

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Renovated RV Bedroom
Photo Credit: The Camp Revival

Whether living the RV lifestyle full-time or just hitting the road for weekend getaways, your RV bedroom serves as your sanctuary away from home. It’s where you kick back after a day of exploration, recharge for what’s ahead, and simply unwind.

Yet, it’s no secret that RV bedrooms often lack those personalized touches that infuse a space with warmth and familiarity. No worries, because with some creativity, you can effortlessly elevate your RV bedroom into a haven of coziness and style, enhancing every moment of your travel experience.

Let’s explore 10 RV bedroom ideas to upgrade your sleeping space:

1. Mood Lighting

Adding lighting doesn’t have to mean electrical rewiring. Many options are battery-powered and straightforward to install.

For instance, check out these crystal, wall-mounted lights that frame the bed. They are perfect for reading in bed and add so much personal style.

Colorful Renovated RV Bedroom
Photo Credit: Five Talents Homes

We couldn’t find those exact wall fixtures, but here’s a similar look that is available on Amazon:

Looking for a whimsical touch? Fairy lights are super affordable and add a fun sparkle of mood lighting.

If you want to get into the nitty gritty of different light upgrade options, check out these 24 Easy RV Interior Lighting Updates!

2. Add Houseplants

RV Bedroom
Photo Credit: Lauren Keene

You can find a plant that fits even in a small RV bedroom! Even if you’re not a green thumb, a small succulent is an adorable addition that can fit snugly beside your bed.

Hanging plants from the wall or ceiling can add a cool look, too – without taking up valuable surface area. We love plants because they can easily stow away when moving and add color to your bedroom without permanently changing anything.

3. Window Treatments

Green Renovated RV Bedroom
Photo Credit: Chantal Keller-Ward

Window treatments, like curtains, are a perfect and simple RV bedroom upgrade. You can layer blackout roller shades under more aesthetic curtains to get the best of both worlds – functional and pretty!

An added bonus with window treatments in the bedroom is that they can also help insulate the room during temperature changes.

We know not everyone’s RV’s are set up for curtains, or you may want something a bit different – so here are 44 Ideas to glow up your window game!

4. Add an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall is another way to transform your RV bedroom. This idea can be easy or take a little creativity and time.

For the easier route, look into peel-and-stick wallpaper, which has come a long way! Camping World even has its own type, especially for RVs!

For a bit more work – but still worth it – you could do a shiplap wall or even custom woodwork like this one.

Small Renovated RV Bedroom
Photo credit: @rvevolution2022

PS: Accent walls can make a beautiful statement behind the bed – doubling visually as a headboard!

More inspiration:

5. Replace Mirrored Closet Doors

While we are on accent walls, why not jazz up your closet doors? A ton of mirrors on your closet doors can feel outdated and unnecessary. In under an hour, you could transform them by covering them with peel-and-stick wallpaper to add color and pattern—and if you ever change your mind, you can just peel it off.

Or, completely replace them with something more aligned with your style, like these doors.

Renovated RV Bedroom
Photo Credit: Alchemy RV Renovations

Find even more inspiration for upgrading your closet doors here!

6. Add More Storage

Storage is king when it comes to RVs, so adding storage, especially in a small RV bedroom, is always a welcome idea! You could keep it simple by adding an over-the-door organizer on the bedroom door for shoes or even books. Or you can add something that will stay fixed in place, like shelving over a window or above the bed, like in this bedroom. We love how they added a basket to keep things tidy on the shelf!

Renovated RV Bedroom
Photo Credit: Rving Dogs and Wine

7. Add a Fireplace

Fireplace with Storage in RV
Photo Credit: Alchemy RV Renovations

A fireplace in an RV bedroom? That will rival even the most luxurious hotels! You can add an electric or propane-run fireplace, and depending on the layout and size of your rig, it could be a few simple adjustments or a more extensive DIY. But one thing is certain – it will add luxury, heat, and ambiance to your space. And who doesn’t want to cozy up by a fireplace while camping in crisp weather?

8. Cozy New Mattress

Slick Renovated RV Bedroom
Sleep Number RV Mattress from

After a long day of adventures, it’s always lovely to fall asleep on a little piece of luxury – like a new mattress. RV bed sizes differ from regular bed sizes, but plenty of good options exist. From memory foam to cooling mattresses, this can be an easy swap that makes all the difference.

Be sure to check out the custom RV mattress options available on Tochta‘. And if you need help finding an RV mattress, check out our RV mattress buying guide.

9. Add a Mattress Protector

RV Mattress Protector
Photo credit: Mattress Insider

You may not think of a mattress protector as an RV bedroom upgrade, but it’s a simple and inexpensive way to protect your actual upgrade – your new mattress!

Putting a mattress protector on your RV bed protects your mattress from spills, bugs—hello wilderness camping—and wear and tear.

If you’ve invested in upgrading your RV bedroom mattress, adding a mattress protector is a no-brainer for peace of mind. Check out Mattress Insider for mattress protectors in any size.

10. Upgrade Your Bedding

Yellow Renovated RV Bedroom
Photo credit: stallardrobin92

A little color and texture go a long way in a small space! That’s why we love adding the idea of upgrading your RV bedding. You can layer bedding with a new comforter, quilt, and light blanket, making it easy to transition from season to season. Adding a few throw pillows can create a cozy reading base and a comfy feel to your bedroom.

Wrap-Up: Gorgeous RV Bedroom Ideas

With these simple RV bedroom ideas, you can transform your space into a cozy retreat that enhances your travel experience. Whether embarking on a cross-country road trip or enjoying a weekend getaway, your upgraded bedroom will be the perfect place to rest, recharge, and dream of new adventures on the open road.

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