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Shoe Organization Hacks for Your RV

RV shoe storage hacks and organization mods
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Hacks and mods to help you store and organize shoes in your camper or motorhome

Trying to find a hack for eliminating the pile of shoes next to the front door in your camper or motorhome?  See if one of these ideas can help.

1. Classic shoe organizer

Over a doors isn’t the only place a shoe organizer can be hung.

A regular over-the-door shoe organizer can be cut into sections and hung around the base of a bed, or along a wall or cabinet.  Find out how using  this tutorial or this one.  To attach the organizer to the bed in a camper or motorhome, some RV owners have used Gorilla Tape, Velcro, screws, or staples.

You can also purchase a ready-made one from Camping World or the one from Amazon pictured below.

The Miles family uses this homemade shoe organizer right on the interior of their front door as a handy place to store flip-flops.

The back of the organizer is made from pet screen material edged with binding tape, and the pockets were made from mesh net fabric edged with bias tape and sewn to the pet screen through ribbon to reinforce the stitching.  Finally, the organizer was attached to the door using SnapRite snaps.  (Thank you to the Miles family for sharing such a detailed explanation!)

2. Hooks

Several RV owners have used over-the-door hooks, available online or  inexpensively at Dollar Tree, as shoe hangers along the edge of the bed frame.

RV shoe storage idea: over door hooks along side of bed

by DeAnn Sitter

One RV owner, who calls his wife a “sandal-aholic”, screwed mug hooks into a strip of wood for hanging flip-flops.

travel trailer shoe storage idea: mug hooks along bed frame

by Diane Powers

3. Shoe cabinet

Ikea sells several versions of a shoe cabinet, like this one for under $30.

Or if you’re the handy type, you can make a beautiful one in your own style using these plans.

4. Storage ottoman

A storage ottoman like this one or this one makes a great place to store shoes worn less frequently because it can double as extra seating or, with a tray added on top, a coffee table.

5. Simple shoe shelf

A shoe shelf to kick shoes onto like this bamboo one from Walmart is handy to have next to the front door for shoes worn most often.

RV shoe storage idea: shoe shelf next to door of camper

by Ashley Mann

6. Under the stairs

The space under the stairs is often wasted in RV’s, but with a little creativity, it can become the perfect shoe hiding spot.

These RV stairs had empty space underneath, so the owners simply turned them around to create access.

This under-stair storage cubby was created in an RV where the carpet was replaced with laminate flooring.

RV shoe storage idea: Extra space in travel trailer created under stairs

by Jessica Deubner

Other RV owners have added hinges to their stair treads so they can be opened to create storage inside.

Hidden space in RV: storage for tools, vacuum, shoes, etc. inside stairs

by the Saby family via doityourselfrv.com

7. Stair storage basket

If taking apart the stairs doesn’t sound like something you want to do, a basket like this might be a better way to utilize the space.

8. Wall storage racks

If you have wall space, you could turn this set of book racks into shoe racks similar to these.

RV owner Amanda hung baskets using Command hooks to store shoes in the hallway of her fifth wheel RV:

9. Kitchen cabinet repurposed

One clever RV owner purchased a kitchen cabinet to use as shoe storage.  (Look for a cheap one at a Habitat for Humanity restore!)

kitchen cabinet as shoe storage in an RV / camper / motorhome / travel trailer

by Diana Roller

10. Curtain rod

This clever RV owner had the brilliant idea of mounting a curtain rod along a cabinet using heavy duty adhesive hooks and hanging shoes from it with S hooks.  (If you plan to hang a curtain rod using adhesive hooks, be sure to take into account the width of the finials!)

RV shoes storage - shoes hung from curtain rod using S hooks - Idea by Kerry Boyd-Motton

by Kerry Boyd-Motton

Hopefully these ideas will help you solve your own shoe storage problem!

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Shoe storage and organization hacks for your RV, camper, motorhome, or travel trailer | #RV #RVorganization #RVhacks

Ideas for storing and organizing shoes in your RV, camper, or motorhome | RVinspiration.com #RVorganization #RV

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  1. Kristi @ Way Beyond The Norm 31 August, 2018 at 09:28 Reply

    Question. Have you used the Amazon shoe storage thing you mention in #1? I’m really considering that one, but with a bed that lifts up to storage underneath I’m wondering how it would do as the bed slides when lifting.

    Also, in our last RV, the owners put in storage under the stairs for the central vac. It was brilliant. I still want to find out if our stairs in the new RV have wasted space under there so we can do the same in this one. It would be a perfect spot for shoes!!!

    For now, I have everyone take off the current shoes they’re wearing and put them on the floor in the closet that’s right inside the front door. I have no space for the fancy IKEA shoe cabinet…though I wish I did.

    • Ashley Mann 31 August, 2018 at 09:35 Reply

      Hi Kristi, I have not personally used that method, but it is one of the most common ways I’ve seen RVers store shoes. I would hang it along the top edge of the base, not from the platform part that lifts up. I have seen people use staples, duct tape, or binder clips to attach it. Hope that helps!

  2. beckywadley 2 May, 2019 at 16:41 Reply

    These are great tips! We did a remodel on our RV, turning the unusable top-loading under-the-bed storage into front-facing drawers. One is for shoes and one is for dirty laundry. https://homeiswherewetakeit.com/rv-remodel/ It takes a tiny bit of carpentry knowledge, but nothing you can’t learn on YouTube! 🙂

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