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10 Creative Ways to Renovate the TV Hole in Your Camper

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As technology changes, how we live changes. Those who purchase older RVs can find our camper feels a little awkward and out of date. (And that may be a major understatement!)

One common question we hear in the RV Inspiration Facebook group is, “What do we do with our camper TV hole?”

Well, “camper TV hole” might be awkward to say, but it doesn’t have to be an awkward space in your RV.

Here are ten creative ways to make use of your camper TV hole. 

#1 Make a Bookcase or Tiny Library

If you’re a reader, an RV can leave you in a bit of a conundrum. Where is there space for your book collection? Some creative RVing readers have addressed this issue by removing the box TV from their camper and turning their camper TV hole into a bookcase or, as one RVer put it, a tiny library!

What I love about this is you’re replacing old tech (a TV) with the timeless element of books! Elegant and functional, this can be an excellent solution.

#2 Shoe Storage

While some of us feel tempted to fill every bit of empty space with books, some of us have other priorities – like shoes! If the latter sounds more like you, the camper TV hole can be a great place to store some of your shoe collection.

You may want to go with a solution with a door if you go this route – unless you’d like to display your shoes prominently, in which case, who are we to stop you? Go for it! 

#3 Add Shelving and/or a Net

Extra shelving always comes in handy in a small space, so it’s probably the most obvious way to use space when you remove your camper TV hole.

Shelving added to TV space in a camper
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However, one of the more creative options mentioned in our Facebook group was adding a barrier stretch net where the TV used to be.

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This is functional storage that is tough but highly flexible. Nets are simple to install, easy to use, and great for holding loose items in travel mode because they are easily removable.

#4 Floating Shelves or Shelves with Baskets

Other types of shelving and storage to consider for your camper TV hole would be floating shelves (best for a stationary RV, unless you don’t mind putting your items into a bin for travel mode) or shelves with baskets. 

Shelving added to TV space in a camper
Photo Credit: Angellina

Baskets can be an aesthetically pleasing way to bring together different items or hide them discretely while still keeping things accessible for your convenience. 

Shelves and baskets in RV below TV
Photo Credit: Aryn Dedwylder
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#5 Make a Wine Rack or Liquor Cabinet

If you look forward to a glass of wine each night or enjoy playing bartender when hosting family or friends, consider adding a wine rack or liquor cabinet when you remove the box TV from your camper.

Cabinet where camper tv hole used to be
Photo Credit: James & Erica Clayton

Your own sense of style can dictate whether you want to display your alcohol or tuck it away discretely and safely. Depending on the furniture you’re working with, you may also have space for wine or liquor glasses!

#6 Make It A Closet

Not all of us are ready for a larger renovation project, but some RVers have removed the cabinets they previously had below their television to make way for a closet!

Closet space in an RV is always minimal, so this is a genius use of space. Before going for this one, be sure you’ve got a clear plan in mind. Understand precisely how much space you’re going to get from the renovation. (It may not be as much space as you’re hoping.)

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#7 Add a Fireplace

Does anything say “home” in your space more than a fireplace?

Whether it’s an electric heater or just a showpiece to give you the look of a fireplace, replacing your camper TV hole with a fireplace is a creative way to upgrade your space and make the most of where the old box TV used to be. 

Wayland Ventures Forest entertainment center renovation process |
Photo credit:

If you will be using your fireplace for heat, read up on how to safely use an electric heater in an RV. (Trust me on this one! It’s not a fun mistake to make.) 

#8 Display Original Artwork

One of the downsides of RV living is that you don’t have much space to display artwork. Consider turning your unclaimed camper TV hole into a spot to hang wall art or display some of your (less fragile) art pieces.

Wayland Ventures Kampr entertainment center |
Photo credit:

Or, why not have both with this Samsung “The Frame” TV that makes your TV look like artwork?

Artwork Frame TV in TV space
Photo Credit: Aryn Dedwylder
SAMSUNG 43-Inch Class QLED 4K LS03D The Frame Series Quantum HDR Smart TV w/ Dolby Atmos, Art Mode, Anti-Reflection, Customizable Frame, Slim Fit Wall Mount with Alexa Built-In (QN43LS03D, 2024 Model)
  • ART MODE: Transform your QLED 4K TV into your own art exhibit with modern art, classic art pieces or your own personal photos when you’re not watching your favorite shows

Haven’t you always wanted an RV Gallery to display your travel treasures? 

#9 Hide Your Printer and Printer Supplies

If you keep a printer and printer supplies on hand in an RV, the most challenging thing about it is figuring out where the heck you’ve got space for it. I’ve heard of people tucking their printer and supplies under their bed or couch, or deep in a closet. Wouldn’t having a designated area where it’s plugged in and set up to use 24/7 be lovely? 

Given that your TV was previously hooked up to electricity, this will also be a genius place for your printer in your RV. Think of all the extra time saved! 

#10 Create a Coffee Station

A coffee station is a great way to elevate day-to-day living in your RV. But with real estate at a premium in your rig, it may not have been possible until now.

The Flippin Tilbys after |

Create a space for your coffee or espresso maker, a few favorite mugs, and all your favorite supplies for your morning beverage.

Coffee nook in old camper tv hole
Photo Credit: @moandtheairstream

This can also be great in a smaller rig because one person can make coffee while the other is in the kitchen. 

Summary: Renovating the TV Space in Your RV

These ten ideas are just the tip of the iceberg! Hopefully, they will help you brainstorm the perfect solution for your camper TV hole. It may take a bit of experimentation to find the right option for you. Enjoy the luxury of a little extra space, and have fun! 

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