Full Time RV Resources

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Other Full Time RV Resources

Do you want to downsize but feel overwhelmed by it? Check out my Inspired to Downsize online course series for help breaking the project down into manageable steps. Click here to learn more.

I also have a related blog about downsizing called InspiredToDownsize.com with lots of tips for decluttering and getting rid of unneeded belongings.

Storing Your Stuff While You're Full Time RVing

If you're not planning to live in an RV indefinitely, this website offers a more affordable way to store your stuff than paying for a storage unit.

Internet for Full Time RVers

Check out The Mobile Internet Resource Center for the most comprehensive and up-to-date information about RV Internet options.

How Full Time RVers Get Mail

How RVers Get Their Mail: The Complete Guide to Getting Mail On the Road

Establishing a Domicile / State of Residence

Click here to read a series of articles pertaining to domicile and residency issues for full time RVers.

RV Insurance for Full Time RVers

It's important to let your insurance company know if you'll be living in your RV, because if you don't and something happens, they may deny your claim if they find out.

Don't worry, though; you can get RV insurance as a full time RVer. I recommend filling out an application at American Adventure Insurance. They are experts at helping RVers compare rates and find a policy that's right for each unique situation.

Additionally, each time we've had to change our state of residency, all I had to do was call them and they helped me find a new policy without me having to fill out a bunch of applications all over again.

Health Care for Full Time RVers

Following are some articles and resources to help you learn about health care options for full time RVers:

Finding Health Care for RVers (and Why We Don't Have Health Insurance)

Health Insurance for Full Time RVers

Finally Insured! Our Simple, Affordable RV Health Care

To visit my "Earning Money On the Road" resource page, click here.

For information and resources related to living in an RV in below-freezing temperatures, check out my Cold Weather RVing resource page.