15 Mid-Century Style Sofas Perfect for a Boho RV Renovation


If your RV renovation needs a sleek, mid-century modern sofa to serve as the centerpiece of your boho-style RV decor, look no further! These cute couches would look beautiful in an RV.

Tan Leather Sofas for a Boho-Style RV

The first sofa on this list is Poly & Bark’s Napa sofa! I own and absolutely love this sofa.

If the Poly & Back sofa is out of your price range, or if you prefer vegan leather, this sofa is a great option. It’s made of artificial leather, costs about a third of the price, and will look great with Boho-style RV decor.

Tan Leather Futons

If you like the look of a tan leather sofa but don’t want to decrease your RV’s sleeping capacity, a faux leather futon like the one shown above might be the perfect solution.

15 Mid-Century Style Sofas

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