This is What RVs Look Like Across Continents

If you love looking at beautiful RVs as much as we do, you may have wondered what RVs look like around the world. After spending four years traveling across all fifty states in our motorhome, my husband and I wanted to keep RVing to new places. Now, I’ve camped in 12 countries, renting RVs on four continents worldwide. One thing I’m always eager to see is how different RVs look in every new country we visit. Click to see videos of each RV. 


All the way down in New Zealand you'll find some of the best camping in the world with seriously luxurious campervans.

North America

In Canada, you'll see similar RVs to American rigs. But did you know Canada leads in Class B and B+ production? We loved this Leisure Travel Van!


RVing in Asia is in its infancy, but in Japan "autocamping" has been growing since the 1970s!  Their RVs are shorter than an American minivan.

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