How to Replace Your RV Sink (+ 12 Sink and Faucet Replacement Ideas!)

There are three primary types of sinks seen in RVs: over-mounted, drop-in, and under-mounted.

Over-mount and drop-in sinks are the most popular options.  There are also apron sinks, which are very popular in homes, but less common in RVs due to the complexity of installation.

Overmount Sinks

Overmount sinks are the most popular right now and are available in many styles. Many renovators shop Amazon for unique shapes and styles.

Drop In Sinks

A traditional RV drop in sink will be made of plastic. But why not replace it with something more beautiful? We love this ceramic patterned sink! 

Under Mount Sinks

This beautiful, new Grand Design fifth wheel already showed off stainless steel sinks undermounted with sparkling white countertops. The renovator added gold faucets to replace the old black faucets.

How to Replace Your Sink

Replacing your sink or faucet is a DIY project anyone can tackle. Read our tutorial to walk you through the process! 

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