This 100% Off Grid Camper is 100% Luxury

Part of the allure of living in an RV is the ability to camp in remote places. Outfitting a camper to be 100% off grid can be complicated. You need solar panels, battery banks, and a reliable heating source to start. For many, a fully sustainable off grid rig might look like an overlanding vehicle or an Earth Roamer. But Carissa found a way to make her off grid camper look like a magazine cover-worthy home.

Outfitted with Solar

Carissa added a robust solar electrical system, including six 320w Renogy solar panels, two 270Ah GC3 Battleborn Batteries, and a 3,000w Victron...

Stay Warm

A Cubic Mini wood stove added for heating gives a rustic charm to this cozy home. Wood stoves are growing in popularity among RVers as a reliable heating source that doesn’t require electricity.

A Scandinavian-Inspired Retreat

Even though it’s often the smallest room in a camper, a bathroom renovation can make the biggest statement in a remodel. This bathroom stands out as one of the boldest bathroom remodels we’ve seen lately.

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