How to Replace RV Light Fixtures in 7 Easy Steps

Lighting can feel overwhelming to some due to the electrical aspect. However, it’s actually a pretty simple process if you want to replace those old, dingy RV lights.

In this article, I will walk you through installing a light fixture yourself and show you a few of my favorite fixtures from some of my RV remodels.

Can You Put a Regular Light Fixture in an RV?

Often, people think you must use RV lighting in an RV. This is absolutely NOT true. There are many fun options when you look outside of typical RV lighting.

Before We Start...

Compare Your New Bulbs Voltage to the Old Bulbs Voltage

If the light fixture you’re taking out is wired to DC (12V) and the new light fixture will fit a 12V bulb, it will work in your RV.

Prioritize Safety When Working with Electricity

Electricity should be taken seriously. However, I’ve been shocked by 12V, and it’s like a bee sting! I wouldn’t recommend getting shocked with 110V, though, as it really hurts and can be very dangerous! Thank goodness most lighting in an RV is only 12V!


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