How to Remodel an RV: A Guide for RV Owners

Most RV designs leave a lot to be desired. They are dark, dated, and frustratingly brown. In this in-depth guide, we will share how to remodel an RV to make it a beautiful home on wheels. We’ve been sharing tips and inspiration for remodeling RVs for years, and this guide collects everything in one place to help you work through your RV remodel one tutorial at a time. Click the link to read the full article.

Planning Your RV Remodel

No good renovation comes to fruition without a plan! In this first section, I’ll explain everything you should consider as you plan your RV remodel. Don’t pick up that paintbrush just yet!

1. Assess The Condition of Your RV

Before you plan your RV remodel, assess the condition of your RV. Have it inspected (particularly if it is new to you), and use a checklist to review every part of the RV. Search for water damage, in particular, which is costly to repair.

2. Set Your Budget

You can renovate your entire RV for under $500 (I did!). You can also renovate your entire RV for over $25,000.

3. List Your Priorities

Depending on your budget, you may not be able to afford to tackle every part of your renovation. List your biggest priorities (like adding a tile backsplash in the kitchen or creating a shiplap wall) and allocate your budget accordingly.

4. Define Your Style and Gather Inspiration

How do you want your RV interior to look and feel? Are you going for a beach house vibe? Modern and sleek? Coastal chic? Contemporary? Boho? Gypsy? Vintage? Farmhouse? Cabin?

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