Where to Buy an Odd Sized RV Mattress (Tochta Review)

A custom RV mattress may instantly sound like a huge expense, but for many campers, it’s the only way to find the right size and shape. The Tochta mattress company sent me a free mattress in exchange for writing about it on my blog.

This is my honest review—the good and the bad.

Tochta’s Custom RV Mattress Builder


Great for Odd Shapes

Their online tool for building your own mattress was incredible.

Custom RV Sheets and Mattress Pads


More Than Mattresses

For mattresses, sheets, pads, and bedding, Tochta offers everything you could want! 

Is the mattress comfortable?


Tochta "Utopia" Mattress

I have never owned a memory foam mattress before, so the first thing I noticed about the Tochta mattress was how different it felt from my traditional inner-spring mattress. The top conformed to the shape of my body, and there was no “bounce” to it when I sat or laid on it.

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