12 Camper Door Makeover Ideas for Interior and Exterior Doors


One question we’ve seen posed often in our RV Renovations Facebook group is how to update camper doors. Can you paint them? What paint should you use? How can you update the doors without paint? This article will share interior and exterior camper door makeover ideas along with resources to help you tackle this DIY project.

1. Add wallpaper.

Adding wallpaper is a great way to introduce a pattern and add color. The gold on these bedroom doors matches the rest of the camper renovation, but the color doesn’t overwhelm the space since it’s patterned.

2. Paint

A little bit of paint is an easy way to add color. These were painted to the match the black cabinets.

3. Add a pattern.

This is the most popular way we see doors being renovated inside RVs. You can create endless patterns by nailing or gluing (with a heavy-duty construction adhesive) thin pieces of wood.

Keep Scrolling These Door Makeovers

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