RV Furniture Upgrades: Finding What Will Work Best for Your Rig

What is “RV Furniture”?

When manufacturers build RVs, they design everything to be anchored into a moving vehicle. In general, RV indoor furniture shares a few characteristics, like built-in seatbelts, being anchored to the floor, and an abundance of cupholders!

Pros of Choosing RV Furniture for Your Rig



Built-in safety features mean you can feel good driving your RV down the road. 

Cons of Choosing RV Furniture for Your Rig


Cost & Appearance

Furniture made for RVs can be significantly more expensive than “regular” furniture. Plus, there are fewer style and color options. 

Can You Put Normal Furniture in an RV?



We most frequently see people choosing to replace their RV furniture with residential instead, though there are a few things to consider.

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