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Where to Buy Sheets & Bedding for Your RV Mattress

Finding quality sheets, mattress pads, and other bedding that fit an RV mattress can be challenging since RV mattress sizes are different than standard residential mattresses. 

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Who Sells RV Sheets?

When it comes to buying sheets for an RV mattress, you have a few different options. Here is a list of some places that sell sheets in standard RV mattress sizes.

It’s not hard to find sheets on Amazon that come in standard RV mattress sizes, like these 600-thread count cotton sheets or this inexpensive microfiber sheet set.


Camping World sells sheets to fit most RV mattresses. Your selection at a local store may be limited, but you can also order from their website. 

Camping World

If you have an unusual mattress size, such as a cut corner bunk mattress or a mattress with rounded corners, CinchFit RV sheets are an excellent solution. 

CinchFit RV Sheets

Changing the sheets on an RV mattress that’s up against a wall will never be a headache again! QuickZip fitted sheets easily zip on and off the bed when they need to be washed.  

QuickZip RV Sheets

A mattress protector is a thin layer of fabric that can be fitted over the top of a mattress like a fitted sheet, or it can zip on and wrap the entire mattress.

How to Protect Your RV Mattress

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