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Travel Trailer Turned into a Cottage on Wheels

DIY enthusiast Tina has a knack for giving new life to things that are old and outdated.  She says, “I have a passion for taking something ugly and making it pretty again.”

Green Cup

Before the renovation

Here’s what the travel trailer looked like when Tina and her husband bought it.  As you can see, this RV was definitely in need of a style update!

Q: How long did the project take?

We finished everything but the master bedroom in about 2 months. We just recently completed the master and exterior for probably a total of 4 months total.

Q: Where did you purchase the materials for the project?

Most items we purchased off Amazon. It made it easier to purchase items that we would have had to spend days driving around to find.

Q: What kind of paint did you use?

Behr Marquee Paint-and-Primer-in-One.  We used flat white on the walls and the same kind in semi-gloss on the cabinets.

Q: What did you use on the wall behind your bed?

The planks behind the bed are actually the flooring, and we also used that on the steps next to the night stands. 

Q: About how much did the project cost?

With decor and everything I would say about about $3,000. I’m a very frugal shopper so most all decor was purchased on clearance.

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