Tips for Storing Fruit & Vegetables in Your RV

Tips for Storing Fruit & Vegetables

Organize and add extra interior storage space to your camper, motorhome, or apartment kitchen with one of these space-saving ideas.

3-tier fruit baskets come in many different colors and styles. The tricky part might be finding a good place to hang it since many RV's have a metal ceiling.

Hanging baskets

Over-the-door basket

One of these baskets can be used for much more than fruit. I used this one in my RV kitchen to make use of space that would have been wasted otherwise.

Basket hung with S hooks

RV owner Sharon picks up baskets secondhand at garage sales and flea markets and uses them to store things throughout her RV.

The owner of this RV uses a ladder to reach the top baskets. She bought her baskets at Hobby Lobby.

Wall mounted baskets

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