The Internet’s Best Boondocking Resources: Everything You Need to Know About Dry Camping in an RV

What Is Boondocking?

A basic definition of boondocking is camping in an RV or other self-contained vehicle without electricity, sewer hookups, or fresh water.

There’s one thing for sure: boondocking is an awesome way to camp and RV for free. But it’s not something you can head out and do without preparation or proper gear!

Preparing for Boondocking

How Much Battery Power for Boondocking Will I Need?

Boondocking Solar and Power Needs

Most RVs come with a house battery or two that runs your 12v or DC power system.

How to Find the Best Places to Boondock

Best boondocking site

Their guide on the best websites and apps for finding great boondocking sites shows their expertise!

Where to Find Free Overnight RV Parking

Some department stores like Walmart, Cabelas, Camping World, Lowes, and more allow RVers to park for free overnight.

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