The Best Places to Store a Cat Box in an RV

Cat Box in an RV

RV living with cats requires some planning, and one thing to figure out is where to put the litter box so that it's out of the way. Here are a few ideas for litter box storage.

A cat hole like this one, which can be stained or painted, can to allow a cat to access a litter box behind a closed door.

1. In a closet

2. Under a dinette booth

RV owner Ted, creator of the public campground database, installed a cat door to allow access to the storage space under the bench seating.

3. Inside a storage bay

If you can find a place to cut a hole for access, the advantage of this location is that the litter box can be cleaned from outside. A cat door with weather stripping can help minimize drafts.

The owners of the RV pictured chose not to have a built-in vacuum system in order to free up the ideal space for their cat's litter box.

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