The 8 Best RV Wall Decor Hanging Ideas (No Drilling Required!)

RV Wall Decor

Need to hang something, but don't want to drill a hole in the wall? Here are some ideas that include adhesive options.

Adhesive hooks

For heavier items, I always this type of heavy duty adhesive hook.

Hook and loop tape (e.g. Velcro)

One advantage to Velcro is the item can be easily removed and replaced as needed, for example to change the picture in side a frame.


Museum putty can be used to stick lightweight decorative items to a wall, as well as to secure the corners of pictures so they don't slide around on their hooks while your RV is in motion.

Push pins

Push pins are technically no-drill, although they do require making a tiny hole. T-shaped push pins might be less noticeable for some uses.

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