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Stunning 2015 Open Range Fifth Wheel Renovation Process and Photos

About the 2015 Open Range 319RLS Fifth Wheel

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The 319RLS model 2015 Open Range fifth wheel is a 35′ RV with a rear living area. The bedroom of this RV is in the front beside the bedroom, with stairs down into the kitchen and living area.

The Original 319RLS

The fifth wheel had the typical RV window treatments, embellished slideout trim, dark cabinetry and beige wallpaper.

Demolish to Rebuild

The first steps in the demolition process were removing all the furniture, window coverings, trim around slideouts, overhead cabinets, and more.

RV Renovation Rebuild: Living and Kitchen Area

Since the clients are big on reading and not on TV, an arched bookshelf was added in the space where the TV hung. The arched bookshelf adds a unique design element to the RV and is totally functional.

The fireplace and mantle were completely redesigned when building the bookshelf. Faux brick was added to replace faux stone, and the mantle is a piece of distressed pine board.

The arch shape in the bookshelf gives a unique and modern look to an area that once felt dark and boxy.

Bed and Bathroom Renovation

The bedroom and bathroom underwent major transformations. The door between the bedroom and bathroom was removed and covered with a wall with an inset shelf for additional bathroom storage.

The new wall with inset shelf provides storage space for extra toiletries and decorations and makes use of a doorway that wasn’t really needed.

The clients wanted a composting toilet in the Open Range, so the original RV toilet was replaced with the Nature’s Head Composting Toilet.

The original shower in the RV was removed and replaced with a beautiful gray tile and brushed gold showerhead and fixtures.

The vanity in the bathroom was completely upgraded with new faux brick backsplash, a beautiful circular mirror, a raised ceramic sink, and brushed gold waterfall faucet. A double globe wall sconce replaced the original light, matching the larger version in the kitchen.

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