Storing & Organizing Jewelry in an RV or Tiny Home

Artistic jewelry displays

Jewelry storage can also be wall decor! One RV owner made these out of shadow boxes with mug hooks screwed into the top inside.

Another RV owner framed a sheet of plastic canvas to make this jewelry display. This jewelry rack was made by hanging a cooling rack on Command hooks.

Metal jewelry racks

If you're not the creative type, you can purchase a hanging jewelry using a rack like one of these. If you're worried about drilling into your wall, you could try a no-drill wall hanging method.

Adhesive hooks

You can use adhesive hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets just about anywhere.  I stuck these hooks to the back of my bathroom mirror.

DIY jewelry racks

These jewelry racks can be purchased on Etsy, or you could try making something similar yourself. One RV owner made something similar by hanging her necklaces from a tie rack.

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