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How to Stop Condensation in an RV: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re using your RV in winter, especially living in it full time, you very well may encounter these problems.  In this post, I am going to help you understand the causes of these common RV problems and what you can do to solve or prevent them.

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What causes condensation inside an RV?

1. Warm, moist air from outside entering a cold RV and hitting cold interior walls and windows. 2. Warm, moist air produced inside an RV hitting cold interior walls and windows.

How to prevent condensation from occurring

1. Reduce indoor humidity. 2. Remove cold surfaces and air pockets.

Ways to reduce humidity inside an RV

Run the air conditioner: Leaving your RV windows open during summer in a humid climate may cut down on your electric bill, but there’s a tradeoff, as air conditioners remove moisture from indoor air.

Open a window or ceiling vent.

If the inside air is more humid than the outside air, opening a window or ceiling vent can help some of that humidity escape.

Increase air flow

Running a fan can help evaporate condensation and evenly distribute the air temperature throughout your RV.

Run a dehumidifier

If you aren’t wanting to also cool your indoor air, a dehumidifier can help you remove moisture from the air.  Dehumidifiers come in a range of sizes and prices; you just need to make sure you get one designed for the amount of space you’re using it in.

Ways to eliminate cold surfaces where condensation can form

If you can eliminate cold air and cold surfaces from your RV interior, you won’t have to worry as much about lowering the indoor humidity level.

Insulate single-pane windows

Many RV owners put Reflectix in their RV windows to help insulate, sometimes they remove it during the day to let in light.

Warm up the floor

The best way to keep the floor warmer is to skirt your RV, but adding rugs, perhaps even with foam mats underneath, may also help.

Insulate RV slide-outs

Another thing that can make a big difference is sealing any drafts around your slide seals and adding an extra layer of insulation under and/or around them.

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