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Step By Step Guide to Replacing Your RV Awning Fabric

In this post, I’ll provide photos and descriptions of all of the steps involved with upgrading an RV awning by replacing the fabric so that you can see exactly what the process looks like.

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Materials needed: 1. Safety Glasses 2. RV Caulk 3. Vice Grips 4. Screwdriver 5. Sharpie 6. Wire Cutters 7. Measuring Tape

Step 1: Pull Out the Awning

The first step to replacing your RV awning fabric is to pull the existing awning out. Flip the awning latch into the “out” position and pull out your awning.

Step 2: Lock Springs In Place

The next step is to ensure that the springs are locked into place.

Step 3: Remove Awning Tube from Awning Arms

While holding the vice grip, remove the bolt from the awning arm to release the awning tube on the front end of the RV.

Step 4: Unwinding The Spring

Once the awning tube is disconnected from the arms on the RV, manually unwind the spring using a vice grip.

Step 5: Remove Awning End Cap

Next, you will remove the end cap from the roller tube. Make a small mark with a sharpie on the tube and cap so that you have a reference point to re-assemble it.

Step 6: Remove Awning Roller from Awning Fabric

Once you have the end cap removed, you can slide the awning roller off of the old awning fabric.

Step 7: Remove Awning Arms from RV

Now it’s time to remove the top bracket from the awning arm so that you can pull off the arm and remove the old fabric.

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