Spice Storage Ideas to Help You Organize Your RV Kitchen


Door clips

If adhesion is a problem, you might try attaching them with removable heavy duty mounting tape and use plastic containers.

Wall mounted spice shelves

A classic, inexpensive option if you have wall space. This style could maybe be hung with a few adhesive hooks if you don't want to drill holes in the walls.

Spice racks & caddies

The owner of this RV (who, incidentally, makes beautiful Baltic amber jewelry!) mounted a this spice rack to an interior pantry wall. A stainless steel version is available as well.

Under cabinets

Speaking of mounting spices under cabinets, one RV owner added a piano hinge and hook-and-eye latch to a wooden box and mounted it under a cabinet.

Magnetic spice containers

Magnetic spice containers can be stuck to a refrigerator, or to a baking sheet mounted on a wall or to the bottom of a cabinet.

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