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Space-Saving Holiday Decor Ideas for RV’s, Tiny Houses, and Small Apartments

These festive decorations will fill your home with holiday cheer this Christmas without taking up too much storage space the rest of the year.

Green Cup

Burlap garland

The ribbon on this garland could be swapped with ribbon for other seasons so that you could leave it displayed year round and never have to store it at all.

Chalkboard signs

If you don’t want to mess with chalk at all, you can get the look by just printing a chalkboard sign to frame, like this set of signs for every holiday.

Throw pillow covers

Throw pillow covers let you change the look of your bedroom or living area for every season but don’t take up too much storage space.

Reversible signs

If the inside air is more humid than the outside air, opening a window or ceiling vent can help some of that humidity escape.

One-time use decor

Real evergreen garlands or string garlands made from disposable items such as candy canes, popcorn, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, and pine cones can be used once and then tossed so that you don’t have to store it.

Mason jar candles

RV owner Julie changes the ribbons and ornaments on these Mason jars to match each season.  If you’re worried about fire safety, a remote-operated, battery-powered flameless votive candle would look just as cute in a Mason jar candle holder.

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