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12 Space-saving Sleeper Sofas | Furniture for RVs

Replace the outdated sofa in your camper or motorhome with something modern, yet efficient! All of these couches come unassembled, so you don’t have to worry about how to get them through the door.

Green Cup

Wood futon with storage drawers

This futon couch with drawers and side table arms is a great way to make efficient use of space. The weight should be taken into account and might be a deal-breaker for some people.

Outdoor daybed sofa

A reader of RV Inspiration told me about this style of sofa that she purchased and finds so comfortable she sleeps on it some nights when her husband is snoring loudly.

Daybed with trundle

The unique day bed with trundle is a good way to accommodate two people who prefer separate beds.  Additionally, the sheets can be left on the bottom trundle.

Reclining Sleeper Sofa

This beautiful jade green sofa has a seat back that can recline or open all the way to convert to a bed.

The Couch Bed

Folded up it’s a couch.  Flattened it’s a twin-sized bed. The concept is simple, but sometimes simple is best!

Modern Linen Daybed

Many sleeper sofas really aren’t very comfortable for sleeping on every night, yet most daybeds look more like bedroom furniture than living room furniture.

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