Should You Winterize Your RV?

If you own an RV, you've likely heard something about winterizing your RV ahead of freezing weather. Winterizing is vital for most RVs—even four-season RVs—but not always required.

If you live in your RV...

If you're actively living in an RV, it should never be winterized. The term winterizing relates to adding antifreeze chemicals to your pipes. You do not want this in your water pipes if you're actively using the water systems!

Instead of winterizing your RV, you'll want to prepare it for cold weather by:

- Skirting your trailer - Protecting your pipes - Adding extra heating - Insulating windows - Finding sources of cold and insulating against them

If you're storing your RV...

If you're storing your RV for the winter season, yes! It absolutely needs to be winterized. We will share that process below.

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