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Our Experience Shipping Our RV + Tips for Hiring an RV Transport Company

There are plenty of reasons an RV owner may at some point choose pay someone else to haul their camper. Perhaps you have purchased an RV in another state and don’t yet feel comfortable driving it.

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Where to Find an RV Transport Company

Here are some options: 1. You could contact a local RV dealer. 2. You could look online to find an RV transport company to hire directly.

RV dealerships frequently purchase RV’s from auctions and private sellers in other parts of the the country and then hire RV transport companies.

1. Ask for a Referral from a Local RV Dealer

Another option for finding an RV transport company is, of course, to Google “RV transport companies” and see what comes up.

2. Work Directly with an RV Transport Company

uShip.com is a website where you can create a listing about the thing you want to ship haulers can bid on the job. 

3. Use a Service like uShip.com

My biggest fear was that I was being scammed and that my RV would be stolen. That didn’t happen. My RV and all my stuff made it safely.

My Personal  Experience with Using uShip.com to Ship My RV

The first time my husband and I shipped our fifth wheel was when we moved it from a mobile home park where we had been living stationary in Kansas City.

Our First Time Shipping Our RV

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