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What to Do With Sentimental Belongings When Downsizing

“Things” is figuring out what to do with belongings that are attached to precious memories and feelings of familiarity.  Here are some suggestions that might help.

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1. Use

Rather than keep a special quilt or box of china in storage, why not use or display it? Use sentimental items you love while you can still enjoy them!

When we were selling our unneeded possessions in preparation for living in an RV, I made keepsake boxes out of books I purchased at a thrift store that wouldn’t take up much space.

2. Reduce

Often it’s the memory we cherish rather than the item itself.  In that case, you can preserve the memory just as easily with a photograph.

3. Digitize

If you have grown children, give them the Christmas ornaments that belonged to them as kids for them to hang on their own trees, and enjoy those memories when you visit for the holidays.

4. Gift

Turn sentimental items into something new and useful! My mom used pillowcases hand-embroidered by my grandma as curtains for her kitchen windows.

5. Repurpose

Release the memory. Accept that it’s a part of your past, and choose to focus on creating new memories instead of dwelling on old ones.

6. Release

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