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Helping Kitty Adjust to RV Life

One of the most challenging aspects of moving from a house to an RV was helping our cat. In this article I’ll share some of the RV modifications we’ve done to make our RV a cat-friendly place.

Green Cup

Travel Comfort

Kitty’s travel enclosure fits in the back seat of our car and has straps for the the seat belts to go through which hold it in place.

Before we got our RV I had seen pictures online of how some RV owners kept their cat’s litter box in the storage area underneath and installed a cat door in a wall in their RV.

The Litter Box

This slow feeder is the most recent addition to our collection of cat supplies. I bought it because our vet wanted Kitty to go on a diet, and he tends to eat too quickly.

Food & Water

I guess all cats are different when it comes to what type of scratching surface they prefer, but Kitty has always preferred something upright.

Scratching Needs

When he become bored, so one thing I’ve done to try to help him have an interesting indoor life is give him plenty of places in our RV to sit and watch out the windows.

Window Entertainment

We also try to give Kitty plenty of indoor exercise with toys. One of his favorite interactive toys is the fishing pole style cat toys that have a toy on the end of a string.

Favorite Toys

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