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RV Window Makeover Ideas (With Pictures!)

Upgrading RV Day / Night Window Shades If you want to keep the factory-original look of your RV but upgrade the quality, a company called ShadePro offers quality day/night shades that can replace worn out shades

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Replacing Original Window Treatments with Traditional Curtains

Factory-installed cornices replaced with regular curtain hardware and traditional curtains, although floor-length curtains purchased from a store may need to be cut and hemmed to be shorter.

RV owner Vanessa used Command hooks to hang her lightweight curtains.  This is a good way to avoid drilling more holes in the wall and makes for easy installation.

No-sew RV Curtains

RV owner Danielle cut up inexpensive bedsheets from Walmart to make curtains for her whole RV.  By cutting the open the ends of the top of the sheet, a pocket was created for hanging the curtains, and to hem the raw edges.

One way to hang curtains without sewing or gluing a pocket for the rod is to use drapery clips.

RV owner Tara Medlin used pillow cases folded to the right length to make these pretty curtains for her RV.

RV owner Susie Crabtree used dishtowels in the same way in her RV kitchen.

These curtains were made by RV owner Brooke Seaman by using clothespins to clip burlap sack material to a piece of wire hung across her windows.

The owner of this RV, Melissa Escobar, used Timberwall brand peel and stick shiplap lumber to frame her windows.  (I just love her DIY copper pipe curtain rods!)

Non-permanent RV Window Makeovers RV owners Kristin and Erica pinned new fabric onto their cornices.

RV owner Cathy pinned lace table runners to her cornices, using a butter knife to tuck the ends in at the edges.  She also used tension rods to hang the lace curtains from under the cornices.

Going around the stairs was kind of tricky.  I ended up taking the vinyl across the front underneath them, and then added a second piece to line the area behind the steps, hung from adhesive hooks from the steel frame.

RV owner Juanita stapled new fabric over her cornices and tucked it in along the curved edge using a butter knife. 

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