RV Sofa Bed Replacement Designs  (With Pictures)


Sofa Bed Replacement Designs

Are you looking to replace a worn-out or uncomfortable sofa in your RV? In this story, I'll share some Sofa Bed Replacement Designs for your camper.

In our own RV, my husband and I replaced our factory-original sleeper sofa with a love seat we bought from Ikea.

Beds & Daybeds

If someone in your household will be sleeping on your sofa regularly, a daybed might be a more comfortable choice than a convertible sofa.

Sleeper Sofa Makeover Ideas

If a brand new couch is out of your price range and you are just wanting an updated look, a slipcover might be a good option for you.

RV owner Sue Salsburg says she almost always leaves her dinette booth made up like a daybed because it offers such comfortable seating in addition to an extra bed.

Dinette Booth Makeover Ideas

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