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RV Skirting Solutions for Every Budget

Using an RV in extreme cold can pose unique risks and challenges if your camper isn’t designed to withstand freezing weather, including frozen plumbing and spending a fortune keeping the camper warm enough to feel comfortable.

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RV Skirting Options

By searching through the posts in the group as well as Googling, I came up with this list of the most frequently used types of RV skirting: 1. Custom vinyl skirting 2. Self-Installed vinyl skirting 3. Inflatable skirting

Usually attached to RV’s using T-style twist locks / turn buttons, boat snaps, a channel system, Velcro, or adhesive snaps.  Made to fit your RV and usually installed by the company that makes it.

Custom vinyl skirting:

Self-Installed vinyl skirting

A more affordable compromise between custom and DIY, where the company you order from provides all the materials you need to make and install professional-quality skirting yourself.

Do You Really Need RV Skirting?

If you’re wondering if RV skirting is really necessary, here are three questions to help you determine the answer:

1. Do you feel cold in your RV? 2. Will you be using your RV plumbing in freezing weather? 3. Is your RV a four-season model?

A Note About R-Value It’s important to note, however, that the primary function of RV skirting is to trap air underneath your camper, creating an insulating layer of air which will be warmed through convection by contact with the bottom of your camper.

Custom RV Skirting Custom RV skirting usually starts around $1,500 and can easily cost over $2,500 for a big fifth wheel. 

Pros of Custom RV Skirting 1. The appearance 2. Less objection from RV parks 3. Less damage to your RV 4. You can re-use it each year 5. More environmentally friendly

Cons of Custom RV Skirting 1. The Cost 2. You may have to travel to where the company is located 3. You still have to put it up yourself

Where to buy custom RV skirting 1. CustomSkirting.com 2. RVSkirtingPros.com 3. RVSkirting.com 4. CustomCanvasUnlimited.com

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