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Everything That’s Gone Wrong With Our RV

I wanted to give you a realistic look at what it can be like to own and live in an RV by sharing with you everything that has needed to be replaced or repaired since we bought our RV.

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1. Air Conditioner

That week had been the hottest of the whole summer. We reset the breaker and thought all was well, but a few days later, the 8-year-old air conditioner stopped working completely.

2. Converter

A few months after we had moved into our RV, we started noticing that at random times our interior lights would start flickering.  Eventually we also noticed a faint humming sound that would pulse along with the flicker of the lights.

3. Black Tank Gate Valve

This was one repair I am very thankful we didn’t have to do ourselves!  When we bought our RV, our black tank gate valve was difficult to open and close, and it became progressively more difficult until one day it broke.

4. Toilet pedal

A few days after we bought our RV, we noticed a sewage smell coming up out of the toilet which was stinking up the bathroom and bedroom.

5. Washer/dryer Combo Machine

Then at some point not too long after, I noticed that our beloved Splendide washer/dryer combo unit wouldn’t turn on either.

6. Shower glass

This one is crazy.  One day I was laying in bed taking an afternoon nap, when all of a sudden I heard the loudest crash in the bathroom.  I ran in to see what it was, and one of the tempered glass panels of our shower had randomly shattered!

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