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5 RV Pantry Cabinet Problems & Solutions

Sometimes RV pantry cabinets aren’t quite as functional as they need to be: too deep, too narrow, too tall, or altogether non-existent!

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1: Cabinet too deep

One of the most common problems with RV pantry cabinets is that they’re so deep it’s difficult to reach things toward the back, especially on the upper cabinets.

Some campers and motorhomes have a pantry cabinet that’s extremely narrow in addition to being deep.

2: Cabinet too narrow

This is closely related to the “too deep” problem, but what I noticed about these solutions is how by removing the original cabinet shelves and replacing with something different.

3: Pantry too messy

Not only do tall, shallow shelves waste space at the top, they’re also an avalanche waiting to happen when you open the cabinet doors at the end of a day of travel!

4: Shelves too tall

If your RV doesn’t have a pantry or you simply need more space, an organizer like one of these can be a good solution.

5: No pantry or not enough pantry space

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