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How We Made $200 DIY Vinyl RV Skirting for Winter

Painting your RV walls and cabinets can be rewarding, but it can also be pretty discouraging when things don’t turn out like you had planned

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1. Inadequate surface prep

when painting RV cabinets or walls, you need to make sure the surface your painting has a texture the paint can “grab on” to. The best method for creating a surface paint will adhere to depends on what type of material you’re painting.

You can find lots of great information online that can help you determine the best paint for RV cabinets. but to save you hours of searching for advice on Google or Pinterest, I’ve also created a PDF guide to help you figure out the best way to approach your painting project.

2. Using paint or primer that’s wrong for the surface

3. Not reading the instructions for the products being used

it’s no replacement for reading and following the product’s instructions!  Also, what worked for one person might not work for you because you might have a different situation in your RV.

4. Using cheap paint brushes

You can get a value pack of several paint brushes for about the same price as one quality paint brush, but using a cheaper brush can result in brush strokes showing.

5. Planning to fix mistakes later Some paint got on this trim piece when we were painting our RV walls, but we noticed it was easy to scrape off so figured we would just worry about it later.  A few months later (ha!) when I finally got around to it, I discovered the paint wasn’t quite so easy to scratch off!

6. Not waiting long enough for the paint to cure Try to avoid doing anything that might scratch the paint (like moving wooden furniture through a narrow hallway – don’t ask me how I know not to do that!) until it has had plenty of time to cure.

7. Painting when it’s too cold, too hot, or too humid After accidentally leaving a space heater on in her RV while this paint was drying, the owner of the RV pictured below came back a few hours later and discovered the paint had developed a splotchy appearance while drying.

8. Using homemade chalk paint She had used homemade chalk paint successfully before when painting furniture, but when she used it to paint her RV cabinets, it ended up peeling off.

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