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RV Owners Who Painted Their Cabinets

Before embarking on your own cabinet painting project, see how these RV owners painted their campers and motorhomes and got results they love.

Green Cup

1. Felicia’s chalk paint project

This adorable pop-up camper’s owners painted the laminate cabinets with green chalk paint – no stripping, sanding, or priming.

2. Leanne’s laminate transformation

These fake wood cabinets in this RV had been damaged in a fire. The owners transformed them with aerosol canned spray paint.

3. Sarah’s RV remodel

This beautiful cabinet transformation was done with almost zero prep work. The owners used a brand of paint called Beyond Paint to paint both the oak and laminate in their RV.

4. Julie’s no-fuss makeover

Another easy-prep cabinet makeover, these owners used a brand of paint called Nuvo cabinet paint for their wood and laminate cabinets.

5. Eric & Katie’s two-tone cabinets

The owners of this motorhome sanded, primed, painted, and sealed their wood cabinets.

6. Meseidy’s camper overhaul

The owners of this fifth wheel achieved a similar look by using a paint sprayer to prime both their walls and cabinets before using a brush and roller to paint their cabinets.  Instead of sanding, they rubbed all wood and faux wood surfaces with an acetone solvent.

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