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Everything You Need to Know About Dry Camping in an RV

A basic definition of boondocking is camping in an RV or other self-contained vehicle without electricity, sewer hookups, or fresh water.

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In this guide, we’ve curated and organized the very best resources from RVers and boondocking experts about everything related to boondocking successfully.

Preparing for Boondocking

There’s one thing for sure: boondocking is an awesome way to take a very cheap RV vacation or live in an RV full time nearly for free. But it’s not something you can head out and do without preparation or proper gear!

Boondocking Solar and Power Needs

Most RVs come with a house battery or two that runs your 12v or DC power system. Your 12v or DC power system runs many of the accessories and appliances in your RV like your lights, your refrigerator, and more.

How to Find the Best Places to Boondock

Boondocking generally takes place on public lands across the country. Public lands are managed by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), the USFS, State Trust Lands, and more.

Where to Find Free Overnight RV Parking

Harvest Hosts is a unique RV camping membership that allows you free camping at over 1,600 locations in the US including wineries, breweries, farms, museums, and more.

Tips for Boondocking

These articles have the best boondocking tips we could find for beginner boondockers, experienced boondockers, and big rig boondockers. 1. Baby Steps to Boondocking: Tips for Beginner Boondockers 2. The Best Boondocking Tips for a Big RV 

Boondocking Etiquette for Responsible Dry Camping

1. Boondocking Etiquette for Off-Grid Camping  2. RVers Boondocking Policy

Ultimate Guides to Boondocking

1. Everything You Need to Know to Go RV Boondocking 2. The Ultimate Guide to Boondocking 3. Off-Grid RV: A Technical Guide to Self-Sufficient Boondocking

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