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25 Storage Tips, Ideas, & Hacks for Organizing Camper Kitchens

Here are some of the best RV organization ideas and storage hacks I’ve found for efficiently using every bit of storage space in the tiny kitchen of a camper, travel trailer, or motorhome.

Green Cup

Just about every empty wall in my RV is used for storage, like this wall of my kitchen, where I have a knife holder (a vintage one from a thrift store that I repainted; I’ve seen some similar ones for sale on Etsy) and a wire storage basket.

My friend Brooke mounted this cute narrow spice rack (which she painted blue) on a wall in her travel trailer, along with a galvanized metal file organizer she uses as plate storage.

The owners of the RV pictured below doubled their kitchen cupboard space by installing two kitchen cabinets purchased at a home supply store, which they stacked on top of each other and secured to the wall.

One of my personal favorite uses of wall space is for spice storage.  I made this magnetic spice storage wall in my RV,

I purchased this rack to hang over a cabinet door, but it ended up being to wide, so I used screws to mount it over this panel which conceals our converter instead.

Mug hooks and Command hooks are definitely an RV necessity.  I used mug hooks to hang wire baskets from the end of a kitchen cabinet as a place to store fruit and root vegetables.

This gap next to my microwave seemed like it should be used for something, so I stuck a couple of magnets to the side of my microwave and it became the perfect spot to store my pizza pan.

First of all, I just love the wall decor in this kitchen.  But also, I love how the owner of this motorhome hung her pots and pans and other kitchen items from the bottom of her cabinets.

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