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Yes, You Can Have a Christmas Tree in an RV!

Sometimes people think living in an RV (whether full time or short term) means they won’t be able to enjoy their favorite holiday traditions such as putting up a Christmas tree, but that doesn’t have to be true.

Green Cup

Tabletop Mini Trees A miniature tree is the perfect way to have a Christmas tree in a camper.  This one is actually ours that we decorated in our own our RV.  We got the tree at Walmart and the decorations at Dollar Tree

Another year we decided to go with a real mini tree that we found at the grocery store.  This one is potted and can be planted outside.

Wall Christmas Trees No floor space for a tree?  Hang your tree on a wall instead! This “tree” was made by hanging faux evergreen branches on the wall with Command hooks:

Tomato Cage Tree Here’s a creative, lightweight, and inexpensive idea: an upside-down tomato cage decorated with big, floppy bows and a whimsical hat!

Short Christmas Trees By setting a shorter tree on top of a side table, ottoman, or even the “doghouse” of a motorhome, you can achieve the look of a taller tree without having to sacrifice additional floor space.

Camping Themed Christmas Tree Decor One of the most fun things about having a Christmas tree in a camper is the opportunity to decorate them with a camping theme, like this tree adorned with miniature camper ornaments

Beach-inspired Christmas tree Many RVers spend winter near the beach, which makes a beach-themed Christmas tree like this one perfect for the season.

Cactus Christmas Tree How cool is this cactus Christmas tree?  Perfect if you’re spending winter in the dessert (or wish you were)!

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