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15 RV Patio and Campsite Decorating Ideas

Here are some campsite setup ideas that are portable, lightweight, and don’t take up too much space to help transform your RV patio, campsite, or the dirt patch next to your camper into an outdoor living room.

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1. Get an outdoor rug.

When you’re camping somewhere you don’t have a patio, outdoor rugs are great to throw down on top of gravel, sand, grass, or dirt to create an even surface.

2. Add some weather-resistant throw pillows and other decor.

Some outdoor throw pillows and a few simple decorative items can transform the area outside your RV to a relaxing outdoor living area.

3. Hang string lights.

Camco makes these plastic clips that are designed to clip on an RV awning or you can use these clips to attach the lights along the edge of your awning fabric.

4. Add a garden flag or a personalized sign.

Garden flags and welcome signs are a fun and easy way to decorate your campsite.  You can find a large variety of them at any store with a lawn and garden department.

5. Add step covers

These step covers, which fasten to your steps with an elastic bungee hook, will help cut down on dirt and sand being tracked into your RV.

6. Decorate with plants.

A few hanging plants really go a long way to beautify an outdoor space. The kitchen sink is a good place to set your plants in the kitchen sink of your RV during travel.

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