RV Bidet: Top Options and How to Install


Bidets are growing in popularity year over year here in America with travelers now even adding them to their RVs! Adding a bidet to your RV is a simple DIY project that requires only a few plumbing skills. In this article, we will share the most popular bidets for RV toilets and how to install them.

1. ToTo Washlet

RV renovator Bailey said this of her Toto Washlet that she found discounted at auction. “It has heated seating, heated water, and it is self-cleaning. It comes with a split-off from your regular cold water so we can connect it to the water line, and the bidet takes it from there!”

3. Smart Toilets

If you’re completely renovating your RV and want to completely replace your RV toilet, consider choosing a “smart toilet” with a built-in bidet.

4. RV Bidet

RV Bidet is made specifically for RV toilets. You don’t have to find an RV bidet for your RV toilet, but older toilets can be awkward sizes that won’t fit a standard, residential bidet. 

How to Install an RV Bidet

Click the link to read the step-by-step tutorial.