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How to Give the Lamp Shades in Your RV a DIY Makeover

I thought I’d share with you an idea I came up with for changing the appearance of the wall lamp in my RV by making easily removable lamp shade covers–kind of like a slipcover for an old lamp.

Green Cup

The first thing I did was use a pencil to trace the shape of my lampshade onto the back of my fabric using my old lampshade as a template. 

Next, I cut out the shape, leaving about half an inch of room all the way around to fold under.  Leaving enough room is especially important on the ends; you do not want to end up with a cover that doesn’t quite reach all the way around your lamp shade!

After that, I used my iron to press the fabric down along the pencil line.

Then I “hemmed” the cover by gluing the folded edges down with my hot glue gun so that it would stay folded.

After gluing all four edges, I snipped off the excess on the corners so that the fabric would lay flat.

The next step was attaching it to the lamp in a way that would be easily removable.

First you wrap clear acrylic double-sided tape around the top and bottom of the lamp shade.

Then you peel off the red plastic backing.  The actual tape is stretchy and gel-like, like the stuff that’s used to stick a new credit card to a piece of paper for mailing.

Then, you wrap your cover around the lamp shade and press it down on the sticky parts.

But I finally got it looking how I wanted it.

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