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Will Your Remodeled RV Be Covered Under an Extended Warranty?

RV extended warranties are for mechanical and electrical components of your rig. A good rule of thumb when considering making updates to your motorhome is that if the mechanical function isn’t affected, the modification most likely won’t affect your coverage.

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Updating the windows with new curtains, curtain rods, or window shades would do nothing to the way your rig functions – so those changes are totally fine to make!

What about paint and wallpaper? A-Okay!

Organization hacks are a necessity for tiny-living RVers. So hang your baskets, shelves, and extra storage without worry! It won’t change how your motorhome mechanics operate.

Even bigger changes, such as updating kitchen cabinets, won’t change the coverage you’re able to get on your rig.

Lights and light fixtures are not typically covered under warranty policies, so as long as they don’t affect other electrical parts – you can change the bulbs and fixtures as you please!

Think about the flooring on a rig. Will that affect the way the RV moves? No! So you’d still be covered if you wanted to rip out that outdated carpet and give your rig a glow-up.

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