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How We Prepare Our RV For Cold Weather Living

I would share some tips and things we have done to protect our RV systems from freezing, reduce energy costs, and stay comfortable living in a camper in cold weather.

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Our Climate

To let you know what kind of weather we’re preparing for in our RV, a typical winter day in this part of the country is below freezing at night and above freezing during the day.

– Extra insulation – Vents in the roof to release excess moisture from the “attic” – An enclosed underbelly – Heat ducts and vents in the storage bay area, where much of the plumbing system is located

Cold Weather RV Features

Cold Weather Camping Ideas from Other RVers

1. Line the backs of cabinets (that are on an exterior wall) with Reflectix. 2. Spray the bottom of the camper with spray foam. 3. Put Reflectix on the backs of storage bay access doors. 4. Wrap the slides with foam board or vinyl

Things We Do to Prepare for Winter RV Living:

1. How we protect our the water supply system from freezing and pipes from bursting 2. How we protect the sewage system from freezing 3. Heat sources we use 4. How we’ve made DIY RV skirting

Protecting our Water Supply System from Freezing to protect our Water Supply System from Freezing, we purchased a heated water hose.

Protecting Our Sewage Pipes from Freezing

To make sure our hose drained quickly, we built a downhill track for it out of cheap vinyl guttering and cinder blocks. Additionally, our sewer hose runs under the bottom of our RV and is fully enclosed with skirting, so frozen sewage hasn’t been a problem for us.

How We Heat Our RV

These are our electric heat sources: 1. An infrared heater 2. electric fireplace heater 3. ceramic space heate

Reducing Heat Loss in Our RV I don’t know if we actually need skirting to keep our pipes and tanks from freezing, but we decided to go ahead and use it just to be safe, and it made a huge difference in keeping our RV warmer inside and preventing heat loss

Insulating our RV’s Windows Our windows are only single pane, so we cover them with plastic to reduce heat loss in our RV, and it makes such a big difference.

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