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Easy Way to Add a Shelf to an RV Cabinet – No Tools Required!

So often the cabinets inside motorhomes and campers have a lot of wasted depth or vertical space due to not having enough shelves. I decided to use this technique shared by DIY guru Isabelle LaRue to add more storage space to these cabinets.

Green Cup

After measuring my cabinets, the first thing I did was make a trip to Lowe’s to buy lumber for the shelf and have it cut.  To avoid adding any more weight than I had to, I decided that instead of making the shelf the full depth of the cabinet, I would just make a long narrow shelf, just 4.5″ wide, on the back wall of the cabinet.

Make sure when measuring that you take into account all the strips of wood inside the cabinet that can make the length of shelf need to be shorter than the actual width of the cabinet.

The real key to this project is acrylic mounting tape.  I use this stuff for all kinds of projects in my RV because it is super strong yet amazingly easy to remove and has never damaged any of my walls or left behind any residue.

For these shelves, I put three or four 1-inch pieces of tape on the backside of each of the supports and pressed it up against the wall.  Then I set the shelf on top…which was a bit of a job because of the divider in the middle of my cabinets.

Now the shelf is very sturdy and makes the perfect place to store a few extra books and some longer items like rolls of gift wrap.  I will definitely use this technique again in the future!

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