Mobile Gardening Tips for Full Time RVers

Mobile Gardening Tips 

Full time RVing doesn't mean you have to give up your love of gardening! Here are some ideas for growing herbs, vegetables, and other plants while living and traveling in an RV.

Self-watering containers are a good choice for transporting with less mess.

Container Gardens

Growing Plants Inside an RV

For RV owners who want or need to keep their plants indoors, a shelf like this one can provide a place to set plants next to a sunny window where they can get plenty of natural light.

Adding Plant Shelves to Windows

A suction cup shelf is an option that wouldn't require drilling holes in the wall and would allow plants to be moved to a different window depending on the direction of the sun.

A shower with a skylight is an excellent place to grow some types of plants. In this RV, a shower caddy hung with these Command hooks is used as a planter.

Hanging Plants in the Shower

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